The Benjamin Pavard Award for 2018's Best Goal

The Puskasz Award is so 1950. 2018 is the age of the YouTube player, the Instagram goal and the “Twitter World Cup of Goals”. And while that’s convenient and keeps you from having to look at anyone else on the Tube (or whatever the rest of the fucking country commute on), it’s also a problem. As you’ll glean from even a cursory glance at Twitter, removing things from their original context can be hugely damaging. So here at Foul Throw, we’re putting the context back into goals.

Weekend Round-up: Awards

Every week-end (well most weekends) 46 games are played up and down the football league. That's a lot of goals, managers, teams, players, pundits and post-pre-and-during-match quotes to keep up with. The good news? We're here to help, with a weekly awards list highlighting the best (and worst) of the action.

Last Night: Leeds 2-1 Bolton

Sometimes it takes adversity to appreciate just how good you have it. And sometimes it doesn’t even take that... Last night Leeds won 2-1 in front of the biggest crowd of the competition on the night.